Portfolio Companies


Action Online is building a fee-based collecting and trading platform for action figures.


adFreeq is a classified ad platform that brings buyers and sellers together in real-time.


Adjudica provides financial transparency to engage group health plan members.


aisle411 lets you find products and promotions quickly and easily in retail stores.


Alphachannel is a SaaS platform helping brands find and select the right agency for their marketing projects.


AppNotch allows users to convert their website to a native mobile app with the click of a button that can be pushed to the Google Play and iTunes stores.


BenMedica reduces drug costs and enhances efficiency by providing prescribers with timely, accurate and actionable information at the point of care through their existing electronic health record system.


A mobile job-matching platform that makes career centers 50% more efficient.

Bid Razor

BidRazor gives contractors the power to easily create custom bids.


Bonfyre is a mobile app to plan, capture and share experiences with the people that matter.

Busy Event

BusyEvent makes trade shows and live events more profitable.


CellARide is a technology company using text messages to revolutionize vehicle shopping.

Dining Circle

DiningCircle makes it easy and affordable for restaurants to take reservations online.


Dabble is an online marketplace for fun and affordable in-person classes in the community.


Fluent is a groundbreaking b2b payment platform that is doing for money what the internet did for information. The platform enables simple, secure, low-cost, and real-time transactions between businesses to and from anywhere in the world.


FocalCast is a mobile app that allows users to present PowerPoints and interactive whiteboards from their tablet or smartphone directly to a display device.


FoodEssentials helps retailers, brands, and other entities to better analyze food label data.


GiftAMeal transforms restaurants into social enterprises and empowers diners by donating a meal to someone in need each time a user eats at one of 60+ partnered restaurants.


Gainsight helps companies manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify up-sell opportunities.

Global Yodel

A web-based community that beautifully looks at destinations around the world from the perspective of the local.


Greetabl is an e-commerce brand for convenient but personal gifts and greetings.


Gremln.com provides a suite of social media tools for businesses.


Hatchbuck is a marketing automation and CRM platform for small businesses.

Healthy Me

HealthyMe uses mobile text messaging to reduce hospital readmission rates.


HIPAAtrek guides healthcare organizations and their business associates on their journey to HIPAA compliance.

Invisible Industries

Invisible Industries creates crowdsourced conversations that provide personal, one-on-one interactions in real-time.

Jobsite Unite

Jobsite Unite is an app that helps simplify, streamline, and record critical job site communication for residential and commercial construction projects.


Juristat helps lawyers predict the future.

Kingdom Scene

Kingdom Scene is a virtual world video game that encourages faith, character, and service.


LockerDome embeds interactive widgets across the world's top media properties, reaching more than 100 million people per month.


Lumate improves the mobile ad experience by only showing relevant ads to users.

Manufacturers’ Inventory

An online marketplace for electrical and industrial automation components.

Material Mix

Material Mix is an online exchange platform for waste and recycling professionals.


Connecting clinicians to the best evidence-based information.


MeterGenius is the complete customer engagements solutions for electricity providers.

Need Fixed Parts

Need Fixed is a nationwide wholesaler of smartphone and tablet replacement parts.

Norse Corp

NorseCorp prevents cybercrime.


Discover the best live performance footage online.


Innovative business intelligence solutions including advanced risk and compliance analysis and in-depth guidance for municipal money management.

Pixel Press

Pixel Press allows users of all ages to design their own video games.


QuantiModo integrates and analyzes data from life-tracking apps and wearable devices to reveal hidden causes of and new treatments for chronic illnesses.


rankedHiRe is a talent acquisition platform that streamlines the communication process between businesses and staffing agencies, allowing businesses to search, view, and rank countless agency talent profiles before engaging with only the best candidates (and their agencies).

Reach Dynamics

ReachDynamics provides simple solutions which allow newsletter and transactional email senders to monetize their messages with dynamically targeted advertising.

Recursive Labs

Recursive Labs provides one-click, no-download web sharing for consumers.

Riley’s Organics

Riley’s® Organics is a trusted line of human grade USDA-certified organic dog treats.


RoverTown is a mobile distributor of discounts for college students.


runIQ is a mobile and web analytics platform that helps users train more efficiently by quantifying effort with a metric called Power.

Smartcare Consultants

24-hour transparent care for seniors and families with loved ones, at home or in a retirement community, through intuitive non-obtrusive safety devices.


Semantix uses innovative techniques in artificial intelligence to understand and organize human knowledge.