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Andrea Shultz
Sr Mobility Client Solutions - AT&T

Andrea has been a highly recognized revenue- and account generation leader for over 16 years during her tenure at AT&T. She’s moved through positions of increasing responsibility and leadership by consistently reaching and exceeding her goals amidst significant fluctuations in the economy, within her organization, and across her client base.

While many successful salespeople follow a time-honored, discrete-step approach to driving sales, Andrea has wrapped her “full pipeline” approach with extremely attentive, perceptive, and unselfish Customer awareness and execution capabilities. Andrea recognizes that, because each Customer holds the belief that “they’re special”, a one-size-fits-all approach to building trust and deepening her business relationship with each Customer would fall short.

Andrea believes that building trust is essential to becoming a Customer’s advisor, and without that base of trust she’s easily supplanted by competitors willing to “buy the business”. Her method for winning over her clients begins by identifying their specific advantages, customizing and focusing their go-to-market approaches on capitalizing on their uniqueness, and measuring the success of each activity.