Why Us

Capital Innovators


Capital Innovators has an entrepreneur first and consultant second mindset. This is what makes CI truly unique in that it approaches every engagement with an entrepreneurial process for growth and innovation. CI spent years building successful businesses and launching over 125 products to market, while also investing in companies and guiding their growth. Due to this deep domain expertise in entrepreneurship, CI’s team understands how all business units within an organization work together to achieve success.

In order to maximize the potential for transformational innovation strategies, an organization needs to understand how it effects the company holistically from all angles. Capital Innovators prides itself in understanding the importance of these concepts and clearly aligning its vision with its clients. Also, since CI has worked with so many entrepreneurs and executives over the years, it has developed a sought-after skillset in understanding the neuroscience behind not only what drives purchasing behavior, but also what makes teams work well together. This allows it to counsel business teams in an appropriate manner to get projects complete while shifting culture towards alignment. CI understands that people drive business and this mindset in its engagements allows it to be successful.

Capital Innovators is always data driven, which is why it is process focused and metric oriented during its projects. CI understands that if a project is not being measured appropriately, then the project won’t reach its best levels of success. It is constantly iterating and refining its methods based on feedback and accountability mechanisms to ensure that its clients are receiving the most valuable services that it can provide.

Aside from its valuable approach to engagements, Capital Innovators has more experience in its space than most firms. Capital Innovators was one of the first Accelerator programs in the world and has structured unique public private partnerships never seen before. This longstanding experience and community provides value to all clients and partners that CI works with and results in success and cutting-edge insights not available to other firms.