Corporate Partnership

Capital Innovators partners with corporations in a variety of ways to drive value for their goals. It understands how organizations differ in strategies and not everyone is looking for the same type of partnership. With this in mind, Capital Innovators has created a variety of opportunities for corporates to leverage its access, insights, brand and expertise to create lasting results and valuable outcomes.

Partnerships include

  • Corporate employee innovation programs

  • Accelerator program curriculum license

  • Startup access

  • Data and insights

  • Investment

  • Collaboration space

  • Service-based perks

This Is Perfect For

  • Scaling concepts and products inside your organization

  • Rebooting your existing corporate Accelerator

  • Gaining access to Capital Innovators’ global network of startups and portfolio of 120+ companies

  • Understanding global market trends

  • Financial ROI potential through venture investment

  • Co-working opportunities with startups

  • Developing relationships with potential clients

Interested in learning more about how Capital Innovators can create a valuable partnership with your corporation? Reach out and one of our experts will schedule a time to connect.