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Anthony Richardson
Growth Marketing Technologist & Author - Full-Scale

Anthony W. Richardson brings a wealth of startup marketing, technology and venture capital experience to the Capital Innovator's mentorship program. As the founder and principal consultant of Full-Scale Marketing, he specializes in growth marketing and scale for venture-backed technology startups. In 2012 his expertise earned him a ranking of #41 in the top startup experts in the world. "I help startups you've never heard of become companies you know." is his tagline.

Beyond that, his achievements are “few”. As a consultant, he has worked with a few hundred startups and won a few awards. He wrote a few thousand words in a book called "Full-Scale". As an entrepreneur, he has built a few ventures and raised a few rounds of capital. As an advisor, he has sat on the board of a few companies and been a mentor to a few accelerators & incubators. He's published a few things on the neuroscience effects of the internet.

In his leisure time, he enjoys outdoor survivalism, restoring classic cars and reading.

Anthony lends his expertise to Capital Innovator founders by advising them on budget-minded customer acquisition strategies, company culture, product/market fit, fund raising and helping them uncover profitable and scalable paid advertising channels.