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Don Dent
Former Capsugel Unit CFO - Pfizer

Don is an experienced Chief Financial Officer who has worked in publicly traded, privately held, family owned, private equity backed, and start-up companies. Industry experiences included Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Agriculture, Equipment Manufacturing, and Technology. Most recently he has been the CFO of a publicly traded pharmaceutical development company. Prior to that role, he served on the Board of Directors of the same company where he was Lead External Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee. In addition to his normal finance roles, he has also led efforts in Business Strategy, M&A, Joint Venture Negotiation, Human Resources and Supply Chain. He is experienced in both debt financing (and refinancing ) and fundraising – both private and through the use of third parties. He has been involved in two IPO’s – one of which he personally led to near completion in 2008 – until withdrawn due to the economic collapse.

Don is active in several civic organizations, and has also served as an Adjunct faculty member at St. Louis University in the Entrepreneurial Management program – where he co-taught the last course involved with “pitching” your business plan. Don has an undergraduate and graduate degrees (MBA) from the University of South Carolina and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). His career experiences include companies such as Monsanto, Solutia. Pfizer, and Moark (egg supplier) prior to the recent start-ups – and have taken him to 15 foreign countries on business assignments/negotiations.