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Ed Gustin
Former Director - LORD Corporation

Ed Gustin retired in July 2014 from LORD Corporation, a privately-held company that serves the automotive, aerospace and defense, general industrial, and electronics markets by developing and manufacturing adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies.

Over his 40 year career at LORD, Ed held a variety of management and leadership positions across the Company. Ed was instrumental in the founding of Liofol Company, a joint venture of LORD Corporation and Henkel of America in 1993. As Chief Operating Officer and General Manager from 1993-2002, Liofol grew to a leadership position as a supplier of adhesives to the flexible packaging marketplace.

Ed relocated to Hong Kong in 2008 to help establish the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters and to serve as Managing Director of Marketing and Sales. In this role, he developed growth strategies to penetrate new markets; established regional marketing concepts and competencies; and facilitated the sharing of marketing and sales best practices within the region and globally. Upon his return to the US in 2014, Ed served as Director of Strategic Alliances until retirement.

Having held management positions for 30 years in sales, marketing, business development and general management, Ed offers a broad range of business experience in multiple markets.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Science in Pure & Applied Sciences and an MBA from Gannon University in Erie, PA.  He currently resides in Cary, NC and serves on the Business Advisory Board of the Apex High School Academy of Information Technology.