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Ewin Barnett
Founder & Former CEO - Carfax

Ewin H. Barnett III has founded several business, including one that provided product marketing by IBM under a private label. Without a college degree, Ewin rose through ranks of IT to become Data Processing Manager of a small manufacturing company. He has advised several startups, including DynaMed.com, the world’s largest evidence-based point-of-care on-line reference for physicians. He is the founder of Carfax, which now employs over 550 people, and Adnorm, a information intermediary for eCommerce.

Ewin has given several seminars on various IT topics and his experience with startups. He serves on several boards (and advisory boards) of directors including Agents National Title Insurance Company and Accurence. He is a member of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and a member of IEEE, for Evolutionary Computation, Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life.

Ewin and his wife are long-time Missouri residents. They have one child, a daughter, who works in refugee resettlement. They live in rural Boone County, and enjoy organic gardening and logging for firewood. His activities include aviation (first licensed in 1969), amateur radio (since 1968), and scuba diving. His wife volunteers at a local woman’s crisis center.