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Jeff Garibaldi
Former President and CEO - MedAware Solutions

Jeff Garibaldi has acquired a breadth of experience spanning the full lifecycle from Startup through Post-IPO phases. For nearly 25 years, he has led the execution of global marketing, product strategy, business development, technology implementation and sales enablement in fields such as Healthcare. During this time, he drove highly innovative solutions that accumulated approximately 30 issued patents which supported $300M+ in revenue from new medical devices and sophisticated IT platforms.

Jeff applies strong cross-functional leadership and critical business thinking to implement strategies for highly differentiated offerings that can stand out in competitive marketplaces. His broad international exposure has launched sales through direct, indirect and partner channels spanning 20+ countries while engaging with some of the largest corporations. Jeff is skilled in translating ideas into intellectual property portfolios; complex initiatives into practical execution plans; sophisticated solutions into easily comprehensible offerings; and business strategies into impactful stories which resonate.

He began his career as a graduate of Saint Louis University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and immediately joined Emerson Electric to focus on real-time software development for automatically diagnosing F-15, F/A-18, C130 and Harrier aircraft radar systems before transitioning the majority of his career to strategic initiatives. More recently, Jeff has led marketing while at Daugherty Business Solutions to enhance their IT service offerings for Fortune 100/500 clients in Retail, Consumer Products, Healthcare, and other industries.