Jim Brasunas.png

Jim Brasunas
Board Member - ITEN

Mr. Brasunas has 29 years of entrepreneurial, management, marketing and sales experience with technology-based companies. He has been involved with numerous start-up ventures, including telecommunications, information technology, retail, manufacturing and a number of non-profit organizations. Since 2006, he has served on the board of the St. Louis IT Coalition.

Since April of 2008, Mr. Brasunas has served as Director of the St. Louis Information Technology Entrepreneur Network (ITEN). ITEN is operating entity of Innovate St. Louis. ITEN serves innovative IT start-up enterprises in the St. Louis region by providing connections to needed support including expert mentoring, early stage technology adoption by larger companies, focused networking events, and preparation for angel and venture funding.

Jim has access to all of the ITEN (IT Entrepreneur Network) mentors, programs and investors.