Kunal Parbadi.png

Kunal Parbadia
Co-Founder - Better Weekdays

Since co-founding Better Weekdays with Chris Motley in December 2011, Kunal has sat in on meetings and listened to hundreds of students, career services professionals and employers explain their challenges with current technologies. He developed an orientation to the needs of our customers through these conservations and researching competitive solutions. With a deep understanding of the frameworks the product development team has built to solve our customer’s problems, he is able to support our Customer Success operations to ensure customers are equipped to fully leverage our services.

Kunal has spent his professional experience collaborating with business and technology teams to bridge the gap between technology and customer-facing teams. By understanding the customer needs he has worked with user interface developers to build out requirements for products used in enterprise by thousands of end users. Previously, he worked for Accenture where he managed the development and design of three web and mobile portals in consumer banking. Kunal is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Certificate of Finance.