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Stacy Tasman Stahl
Founder -

Stacy Tasman is the founder of With more than 300,000 uniques monthly and a social media following of over half a million, the site is the most popular place for all things marriage proposal. Prior to starting HowHeAsked, Stacy worked in marketing at a variety of e-commerce start-ups in New York and San Francisco. From content strategy to customer acquisition and email marketing, Stacy always played the Jill of all trades role which helped transition her into the dynamic world of building a business from scratch.
In late 2011, Stacy was invited to be a part of one of her dear friend's proposals and from that emotional moment on, she was hooked. In her words "I honestly couldn’t tell you who was more swept up in the emotion – my newly engaged girlfriend or my [extremely mushy] self." Almost 5 years later, HowHeAsked has shared more than 5,000 couples' amazing marriage proposal stories and provides resources and inspiration for men planning their own big moments.
Stacy's areas of expertise lie in media, advertising, brand building, partnerships, and being a very, very scrappy (creative?) entrepreneur.

Outside of the business, Stacy has traveled to 35+ countries (Cambodia being her favorite) and is always ready for the next big adventure.