A Day In The Life: A Blockchain-Based Prediction Story

I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, and turned a small wrist device towards my face. The facial recognition scanner identified who I was and executed a blockchain-based smart contract that granted permission for my device to holographically project my vital signs. My vitals show that I am a little low on H2O from my night of sleep, so another smart contract executes notifying my water machine downstairs via IoT to dispense 8 oz. of fluoride free water into a glass. Once I have finished reviewing my vitals and drop my hand, another smart contract executes revoking permission to my vital signs and causing the hologram to disappear. I walk downstairs to consume the water and I ask: “Alexa, please play a 20 minute guided meditation focused on gratitude and abundance.” Alexa notifies me that my meditation app subscription has expired and asks permission to upgrade to the paid subscription. I agree and a smart contract executes sending cryptocurrency from my digital wallet to the meditation app vendor and the transaction is time stamped with the details on the necessary blockchain. Alexa then begins to play the guided meditation. When my meditation has 60 seconds left, Alexa pings my shower to start thereby executing another smart contract enabling the IoT device in my shower to turn on the water. The morning is running is smooth.

After I get ready for the day, I ask Siri to go over my schedule. I learn that my first meeting is with my accountant to submit my taxes from last year both personally and for my businesses and then I have a meeting with my attorney. I sit at my computer and a holographic display projects off of my desktop and I ask Siri to connect with my accounting firm named DAAO: Decentralized Autonomous Accounting Organization, which has no central governing body but distributed employees spread across the world. Within seconds, I am connected with my accountant via a video call and we begin to discuss how the past year's taxes will play out. My accountant requests all of the necessary personal and business tax documentation from the prior year. Siri recognizes the request via computer vision, voice recognition, and natural language processing and asks my permission to release the necessary documents. I agree and a smart contract executes granting permission to these specific details held within my digital identity on the blockchain. The transaction of the tax details are recorded on the chain’s ledger and time stamped, while simultaneously authenticating the details and allowing them to flow from me to my accountant in a secure manner. Once the details are received by my accountant, machine learning and natural language processing scan through the materials and calculate the precise taxes owed and any returns within seconds. Once the amounts are recognized by the system, several additional smart contracts execute within seconds releasing any state, federal and international taxes owed and generating any returns, while simultaneously transacting cryptocurrency from my accounts and refund-based crypto tokens to my accounts all on blockchains. As my businesses have grown, so too has the complexity of my taxes, however, tax season isn’t as bad as it used to be due to technology.

Next up, I have a meeting with my attorney to discuss an international investment opportunity. I ask Siri to connect with my counsel at DALO: Decentralized Autonomous Legal Organization and I’m connected to my lawyer. I discuss how I’ve completed due diligence on an investment opportunity in Hong Kong for a new decentralized blockchain-based crypto bank that allows owners of its tokens to be paid out distributions based on the success of the bank. Another unique aspect to this bank that differentiates it from competitors is the additional data points it analyzes to extend financial services. For example, not only does it analyze the traditional data points that most banks in the past have assessed, but it also calculates what the bank calls “Consciousness Rankings”. These rankings analyze a potential customer's digital identity data on the blockchain from things like daily meditation to food consumption to assess if this person is acting in a consciously aware manner. This is a huge shift in what we call conscious business practices, which is what excites me about this investment opportunity. The data trends show that this will be a mandatory requirement for businesses to implement in the future, and this bank is at the cutting-edge of this technology analysis. I ask my attorney some questions regarding the international securities regulations for this crypto bank and he provides the answers I needed. I elect to move forward with the investment and I end the call with my counsel. Shortly thereafter, I tell Siri to execute the investment transaction and send the required amount to the crypto banks blockchain-based account. Siri scans my face further authenticating my identity for the transaction and uses this along with voice recognition to move forward. Once the transaction is complete, it is recorded on the ledger, the investment details are stored within my digital identity investment account, and the security tokens representing the ownership interest in the crypto bank are stored within my decentralized investment account that provides custody of my tokens. Venture investments these days are so much easier than they used to be when everything was done via paper contracts and DocuSign.

Following the completion of the investment transaction, I elect to purchase flights for my wife and I to travel to Africa for a safari. She has been wanting to go on a safari for quite some time, so I thought I’d surprise her. I ask Siri to search for flights and several smart contracts execute that grants permission to flight provider’s travel options and flight patterns that are stored on the blockchain. Simultaneously, Siri scans through the calendars of both my wife and myself and makes a recommendation for a trip after checking our availability. Once I confirm, a smart contract executes releasing cryptocurrency from my account to the flight providers and Siri automatically schedules the trip on both our calendars. Within seconds of receiving the booking notification, I get a text from my wife about how excited she is, as she loves to travel internationally. She’s a Gemini and she has to keep that mind occupied and traveling is a great outlet. Anyone married to a Gemini can relate.

At this point in the day, my children are getting done with school. A pre-scheduled automated smart contract executes releasing a notification to UBER to pick them up right in front of the school in an autonomous vehicle that whisks them home for dinner and so they can get started on their homework. The UBER arrives at my home as my children run inside and a smart contract executes updating UBER’s transportation blockchain with the details of the trip. My wife arrives home within minutes and a similar transaction takes place and updates the ledger. Thank goodness for UBER’s monthly subscription service for unlimited rides. It’s actually a pretty genius business model, as there are no drivers anymore, and since the vehicles are all electric, the prices are way cheaper than they used to be. Also, as a consumer, you save money in the long-term because you don’t have to worry about insurance and other vehicle-related expenses because you don’t need it.

After our family eats dinner together, we sit around and play shark tank with my children as they come up with their next way to change the world and my wife and I ask them questions about how they plan to manifest their vision into a reality through execution. The kids love this and my wife and I love hearing their ideas. They are so creative. When it is time for bed, I ask Alexa to play some peaceful music for the children and queue up my sleep meditation. Alexa selects some serene nature sounds for the children and some binaural beats for their pops. I meditate and rate the meditation afterward so Alexa can record my feedback on my digital identity blockchain and use machine learning to better calculate the meditations that work best for me. I head to bed with my wife and we both select our wrist device’s body cooling feature that provides a barely noticeable cooling sensation to a pressure point on the inner wrist that slowly allows your body temperature to cool off making it easier to fall asleep. As we drift asleep, our sleeping patterns are analyzed and stored on a blockchain so recommendations can be made and vital sign calculations are recorded to provide us both insights the next day.

It’s been a great day and I’m grateful for the benefits blockchain technology has provided for the world. Sometimes I wonder if people realize how literally almost everything has changed from this technology and how we interact with it so much on a daily basis. Regardless, I’m grateful that I was able to help others through Capital Innovators learn about and implement this technology with their businesses. I’m excited to see what's next.

-COO Capital Innovators - February 2031